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I earned my "terminal practice" degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in a journey of excitement and challenge. It inspired me to advocate for an all encompassing clinical credential rather than continuing the hodgepodge of nonsensical initials. I hope these entries will provide entertainment and insight into the Doctor of Nursing Practice experience, which will soon be the entry standard for all advanced practice nurses.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Orientation Week: Day Five

Another lovely 7am Interview and Concealing class - I am so happy we ran out of time for the planned exercises because I slept less than 3 hours that night. The big assignment coming up is recording a conversation using empathy and additive empathy. I really want to do this with a non-patient stranger rather than with someone I know.

The next class is another one that should have been optional. I knew I should not have walked in the door when I saw the powerpoint involved dressing for success, but like a chump, I rush to the front of the room thinking, surely this is not the full presentation. It was. Despite the fact everyone had to speak and dress well to make it through the interview, I guess they felt we all needed a brush up. Here are some highlights from the "rules" we went over:

- Wear a suit with a jacket that buttons
- No jewels after five
- Bread plate on the left, drink on the right
- Wear nail polish
- Do not eat until everyone sits at the table
- Shake with your right
- Get your hair done
- Wear your name tag on the right
- Wear make-up

I am not kidding.

The presenter was jovial, and we actually have the introvert personality in common. The most illuminating tidbit was the guidance on 15 second sound-bites if interviewed and having a collection of them that are clear, concise, and well practiced in the mirror. There! One lesson learned! One thing I love about attending a school in the real south, is that no one grumbled. They just smiled and left class.

And so orientation ends and I am off to home!

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