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I earned my "terminal practice" degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in a journey of excitement and challenge. It inspired me to advocate for an all encompassing clinical credential rather than continuing the hodgepodge of nonsensical initials. I hope these entries will provide entertainment and insight into the Doctor of Nursing Practice experience, which will soon be the entry standard for all advanced practice nurses.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Preparing for Semester Two

I blissfully neglected to remember over the holidays that I still have 75% of my DNP to go. The reality came crashing in this weekend when I opened up Blackboard (now available as an Android app - yippie!) and saw the updates syllabi and book lists for this semester.

Thank heaven the Amazon Store card offers 6-months deferred interest because I have over $800 in reading material to buy. The good news is that most of it I will actually use after graduation. Most of it.

This is the breakdown of courses:

Leadership & Health Policy 
I have already expressed my resentment at having to take this course again, but I would like to take this opportunity to stomp my feet and pound my fists - the reading and reference list for this course makes me feel like I should be eligible for a cabinet position. We have 7 discussion boards (35%), three essays on a book, podcast, or webinar review (30%) and a policy brief (30%) plus a lovely 5% just for showing up to class. Since I am teaching a section of health policy in undergraduate nursing this semester, this class will come in handy whether I like it or not. Book cost so far: $110

Assessment Strategies in Psych/Mental Health
This was the class I wish we had on webinar or podcast.  Our first assignment is a discussion board on the movie "Rachel Getting Married" which I will probably steal for my psych class this spring. Our grade is 60% weekly discussion board and 40% final exam. Book cost so far: $140 . . . not bad, except I have to purchase Kaplan & Sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry which is running $350 for the 2-volume set.

Concept & Theory Analysis
This class does not kick off until later in January and there are a lot of moving parts. Weekly discussion boards with multiple essays and leadership responsibilities (30%), concept map (20%), concept analysis paper (20%), concept analysis presentation (10%), and theory evaluation (20%). There is only one thing more obnoxious than theories. Nursing theories. Oh, and the textbooks I have yet to order are going to run about $215.

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
This is what separates the healers from the prescribe-and-gos! My first clinical class and I am so fortunate to have found a few really interesting preceptors, one of which is getting her certification in hypnotherapy and sex therapy. I have already read the better part of Man's Search for Meaning and have earmarked several point to ponder. We have 120 hours of clinical to complete with discussion board (30%), exams/quizzes (40%), and comprehensive final (30%). Book cost was $90 because there is crossover with texts from other courses.

This is one less class than last semester, however this is a meatier one due to the clinical component and depth of material that I must absorb and retain to be an effective provider. I see many massages in my future . . .

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