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I earned my "terminal practice" degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in a journey of excitement and challenge. It inspired me to advocate for an all encompassing clinical credential rather than continuing the hodgepodge of nonsensical initials. I hope these entries will provide entertainment and insight into the Doctor of Nursing Practice experience, which will soon be the entry standard for all advanced practice nurses.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I just finished my accursed Epidemiology midterm and, thanks to an extra credit option, was able to get 100%! This by no means brings my average up to where I want it, but good is done and perfect is late. By Halloween this class will be over and I am thinking of dressing up as an epidemiologist. I can have a lab coat full of vaccine needles and education pamphlets with a piece of a torn up and blood-stained "don't tread on me" flag hanging from the corner of my mouth!

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