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I earned my "terminal practice" degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in a journey of excitement and challenge. It inspired me to advocate for an all encompassing clinical credential rather than continuing the hodgepodge of nonsensical initials. I hope these entries will provide entertainment and insight into the Doctor of Nursing Practice experience, which will soon be the entry standard for all advanced practice nurses.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Final Word on Epidemiology

This time last year I was in knots of excitement over starting the DNP program and had no idea I was in store for one of the most challenging and frustrating courses since Mr. Wilhelmi's 7th grade science class (I contend his leaf identification test is still the most difficult exam of all time). So in honor of Epi memories of yore, and since I am stuck with the textbook which couldn't even pass "acceptable" status on Amazon buyback, I would like to share the following quotes:

"People commonly use statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support rather than for illumination."—Mark Twain

"Epidemiology is nothing to hang your hat on. Correlations may indicate something about populations, but if you, yourself, find you exercise better at a particular time of day, they are almost useless." - Mark Sisson

"To every complex question there is a simple answer … and it is wrong."—H.L. Mencken

"Of course we don't know what we're doing, that's why it's called research."—Albert Einstein

"The greatest public health threat for many American women is the men they live with" - Anna Quindien

"Being approximately right most of the time is better than being precisely right occasionally."—Anonymous

"Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts."—E.B. White

"Chance favors the prepared mind."—Louis Pasteur

"That's all very well in practice, but will it work in theory?" - Anonymous

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